• 「老佛爺」卡爾拉格斐一過世,香奈兒即刻宣布接任者是?

    2019年2月19號,這一天對全球時尚人是黑暗的一天。台北時間傍晚,美國女裝日報《WWD》以頭條新聞報導,Chanel與Fendi現任創意總監、當今最重要的設計大師卡爾拉格斐(Karl Lagerfeld),已於巴黎時間2月19號病逝於巴黎,享壽85歲。當大家還在為此悲訊驚嚇中,香奈兒也隨即發佈接任這位傳奇大師的繼任者是?


    “Fashion and culture have lost a great inspiration.” Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld by Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH: “With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld we have lost a creative genius who helped to make Paris the fashion capital of the world and Fendi one of the most innovative Italian houses. We owe him a great deal: his taste and talent were the most exceptional I have ever known. Artistic director of Jean Patou in 1959, creator of Fendi since 1965, member of the LVMH Prize jury since its creation in 2013, he honored the LVMH group with an extraordinarily stimulating creative and entrepreneurial friendship. I will always remember his immense imagination, his ability to conceive new trends for every season, his inexhaustible energy, the virtuosity of his drawings, his carefully guarded independence, his encyclopedic culture, and his unique wit and eloquence. The death of this dear friend deeply saddens me, my wife and my children. We loved and admired him deeply. Fashion and culture have lost a great inspiration.” _ « La mode et la culture perdent un grand inspirateur. » Hommage de Bernard Arnault à la suite de la disparition de Karl Lagerfeld. « Avec Karl Lagerfeld s’éteint un génie créatif qui a contribué à faire de Paris la capitale mondiale de la mode et de Fendi l’une des maisons italiennes les plus innovantes. Nous lui devons beaucoup : son goût et son talent étaient les plus exceptionnels qu’il m’ait été donné de connaître. Directeur artistique de Jean Patou en 1959, créateur de Fendi à partir de 1965, membre du jury du LVMH Prize depuis sa création en 2013, il a honoré le groupe LVMH d’une amitié créative et entrepreneuriale extraordinairement stimulante. Je retiens de lui son immense imagination, sa capacité à susciter chaque saison de nouvelles tendances, son énergie inépuisable, la virtuosité de ses dessins, son indépendance soigneusement gardée, sa culture encyclopédique, et la drôlerie des mots d’esprit dont il emporte le secret. Le décès de cet ami très cher m’attriste infiniment, ainsi que mon épouse et mes enfants. Nous l’aimions et l’admirions profondément. La mode et la culture perdent un grand inspirateur. » #KarlLagerfeld #Fendi

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    對於品牌靈魂人物的離去感到悲痛,法國精品集團LVMH總裁與執行長Bernard Arnault更是先在台北時間2月19號晚間八點多,透過集團的官方IG發表個人感言!

    這一段感言的大意為:「隨著Karl Lagerfeld的辭世,我們失去了一位創意天才,他讓巴黎成為全球的時尚之都,也因為他,Fendi可以一直是義大利最領導性的時尚品牌。他的品味與天生才氣是我從沒見過的,他造福了整個時尚圈。從1959年擔任Jean Patou創意總監、1965年開始接手Fendi,自2013年LVMH Prize時尚大獎創立開始就擔任評審之一,他用他非凡的創意加持了LVMH集團;此外,他也是工作上很好的朋友,我會永遠記住他繽紛的想像力、他每一季帶來創新趨勢的能力、他永不疲倦的活力、他精湛的插畫、他小心維護的獨立性、他的博學多聞以及他的聰慧與口條。這位親愛的朋友的離世帶給我與我的家人深沉的悲痛。我們深愛著他,也敬仰他,對全球時尚與文化圈,今天剛失去了一個偉大的繆思。」接著Chanel也隨即發佈官方哀悼消息...

    It is with deep sadness that the House of CHANEL announces the passing of Karl Lagerfeld, the Creative Director for the CHANEL Fashion House since 1983. An extraordinary creative individual, Karl Lagerfeld reinvented the brand’s codes created by Gabrielle Chanel: the CHANEL jacket and suit, the little black dress, the precious tweeds, the two-tone shoes, the quilted handbags, the pearls and costume jewelry. Regarding Gabrielle Chanel, he said, “My job is not to do what she did, but what she would have done. The good thing about Chanel is it is an idea you can adapt to many things.” A prolific creative mind with endless imagination, Karl Lagerfeld explored many artistic horizons, including photography and short films. The House of CHANEL benefited from his talent for all the branding campaigns related to Fashion since 1987. Finally, one cannot refer to Karl Lagerfeld without mentioning his innate sense of repartee and self-mockery. Alain Wertheimer, CEO of CHANEL, said: “Thanks to his creative genius, generosity and exceptional intuition, Karl Lagerfeld was ahead of his time, which widely contributed to the House of CHANEL’s success throughout the world. Today, not only have I lost a friend, but we have all lost an extraordinary creative mind to whom I gave carte blanche in the early 1980s to reinvent the brand.” Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion at CHANEL, said: “Fashion show after fashion show, collection after collection, Karl Lagerfeld left his mark on the legend of Gabrielle Chanel and the history of the House of CHANEL. He steadfastly promoted the talent and expertise of CHANEL’s ateliers and Métiers d’Art, allowing this exceptional know-how to shine throughout the world. The greatest tribute we can pay today is to continue to follow the path he traced by – to quote Karl – ‘continuing to embrace the present and invent the future’.” Virginie Viard, Director of CHANEL’s Fashion Creation Studio and Karl Lagerfeld’s closest collaborator for more than 30 years, has been entrusted by Alain Wertheimer with the creative work for the collections, so that the legacy of Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld can live on.

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    Karl Lagerfeld為當今最重要的創意大師,同時也是Chanel與Fendi等兩大一線品牌的創意總監,過世的事情也被主要媒體當作頭條新聞處理,包括英國BBC、法國電視台、美國CNN有線電視新聞網與路透社等,皆分別在第一時間同步在網站與社交平台公佈這項大事件。而離世消息一出,不少名人、超模、設計師甚至是品牌競業者,也紛紛於社交平台上發出哀悼訊息。


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    首先是與卡爾保持密切工作夥伴關係的前法國版《Vogue》總編卡琳洛菲德(Carine Roitfeld),率先於個人IG發佈哀悼,以一顆黑色愛心形同心已死般傷心…

    傳奇超模琳達·伊凡吉莉絲塔(Linda Evangelista)則上傳了一張她與卡爾的時尚大片合影。

    I can’t deal with this. My heart is exploding. We knew this day would come but I am not ready for it. You were a quiet force of love and support for so many people, me included. So grateful for everything you have done for me. RIP king @karllagerfeld 💔💔💔 Я не могу ни поверить в это, ни смириться с этой невосполнимой утратой. Сердце разрывается. Время не щадит никого, даже тех, кто оставил в истории неизгладимый след. Ты вдохновил и вдохнул любовь в стольких из нас, и мы тебя будем любить и помнить вечно @karllagerfeld 💔💔💔

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    超模娜塔莉亞·沃迪亞諾娃(Natalia Vodianova)。


    將由來接手 --- Virginie Viard

    Karl Lagerfeld還健在時,市場就已開始謠傳誰有可能來接班,當時出線人選包括比利時設計師Haider Ackermann與Lanvin前設計師Albert Elbaz等人,不過都未經任何一方的證實。不過,根據最新外電指出,Chanel巴黎總部已正式公佈,創意總監一職已確定先由原先長期作為Karl Lagerfeld左右手的副創意總監Virginie Viard接任。

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